This module is designed for all types of education and training providers. It provides easy to use tools to develop, map and sequence curriclum plans.

Whether you are running Early Years, GCSE, Apprenticeships, Degree or Graduate programmes, Stedfast provides the tools to develop detailed curriculum plans that support the delivery of knowledge and skills.

  • Create curriculum plans for all types of learning programmes
  • Define curriculum intent and implementation
  • Sequence curriculum activities for all programmes
  • Embed curriculum plans in an LMS or website
  • Align curriculum activities to programme outcomes
  • Store unlimited curriculum material on each plan
  • Curriculum mapping tools to see activities against outcomes
  • Plan 20% off the job learning for apprenticeship programmes


Users can easily create any type of curriculum plan. They can be simple plans that give an overarching indication of what will be delivered or detailed activity plans which align to learning outcomes set out in assessment plans and have all of the associated learning material attached.

The curriculum planning module can be used by schools, colleges, apprenticeship training providers, universities or businesses delivering graduate or employee training schemes.

example apprenticeship curriculum plan


Users are able to add all of the activities that make up the programme and demonstrate curriculum intent and implementation. Activities can contain Learning, Practice and / or Assessment and are aligned to outcomes. Users can record the hours for each activity and attach activity content.

Curriculum activities can be templated which allows organisations to add their own details such as resources, how the activity builds on previous learning, differentiation etc.


Stedfast supports organisations with curriculum sequencing. Curriculum plans can be set up to record activities on a weekly or monthly basis. Users then add activities with a start and end date.

Using the curriculum sequence feature, organisations can easily view and confirm when activities will take place during the curriculum delivery.

Curriculum activities can be moved to any order simply by dragging and dropping.

curriculum mapping


The curriculum mapping tools allow users to get an holistic view of the programme and ensure that all outcomes are covered by one or many curriculum activities.

When creating curriculum plans, users select the programme outcomes and then for each activity they are able to select the outcomes that will be covered.

Using the curriculum mapping tool they can see which activities cover each of outcomes. They can also quickly see the learning, practice and assessment activities by clicking on the L,P & A icons.


Organisations delivering apprenticeships need to plan and demonstrate how learners will cover 20% off the job learning. This can be done in Stedfast.

  • Activity Hours – Easily show the number of Off the Job learning for each curriculum plan activity
  • Activity Dashboard – Easily view the number of Off the Job learning hours allocated to each apprenticeship programme
  • PDF Reports – Download PDF reports to show the content of each activity and the 20% Off the Job Learning

Who can use curriculum plans?

Curriculum plans can be used by any organisation that delivers knowledge and skills programmes.

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Independent learning providers
  • Universities
  • Graduate training programme providers

How does this help with OfSTED planning?

Curriculum plans are used to plan the delivery of your programmes and support curriculum implementation. Organisations that are subject to inspections by OfSTED will need to work towards the Quality of Education judgement which is set out in the Education Inspection Framework.

Using the curriculum planning module, education and training providers are able to set out curriculum activities, align them with the assessment plan outcomes and create templates that set out learning, practice and assessment activities.

Can we sequence our curriculum plan?

The curriculum plan module lets education and training providers sequence their curriculum plan. They can identify when activities are due to take place. There is a visual report that shows all activities set to be delivered.

We would like to demonstrate curriculum mapping?

The curriculum plan module has a built in curriculum mapping feature that shows users which outcomes are mapped to which activities. They can also click on the learning, practice and assessment icons to see the underlying information.

Can we share our curriculum plans?

It is really helpful to be able to share curriculum plans with learners, parents, employers and other stakeholders. Users can easily share their curriculum plans in websites and learning management systems. We have added a couple of examples below. Click on the L,P & A to see the detail.


Example embedded apprenticeship curriculum plan

Example embedded GCSE curriculum plan

Does this all take a lot of time?

Not really. Once the associated assessment plan as been selected, the outcomes are automatically added. It is then just a case of adding the key delivery activities of your curriculum plan.

Can we see it before we sign up to a trial account?

We can offer a free online demo of Stedfast. They usually take around 30 minutes to run through the key features. We will also support you in getting started and we also provide ongoing, free support to the system administrator.

If you would like a demo the please use the button below.