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Assessment Plans

This module provides a collaborative platform for organisations to develop strategic, organisational and programme assessment plans.
Through developing programme assessment plans, education and training providers are able to design and develop high-quality knowledge and skills programmes, measure performance and improve quality.
Organisations inspected by OfSTED can use assessment plans to demonstrate curriculum intent and measure curriculum impact.

01 Assessment Plan Types

Stedfast offers 3 types of assessment plan:
Strategic – used for top-level and strategic planning Organisational – used for self-assessment and compliance frameworks Programme – used for course planning, review and improvement planning
Programme assessment plans are used to create curriculum plans and align outcomes with delivery activities.

02 Programme Design

Assessment plans can be developed for each programme of study. The plan owners and collaborating staff are able to identify the objectives and outcomes that will be delivered.
Assessment plan reviews are undertaken by teachers and trainers at the end of an assessment cycle, usually the academic year.

03 Assessment Plan Measures

Assessment plan measures are a key component and set out what will be delivered to learners and what they will be expected to know or be able to do.

Users identify the types of measure that will be used to gauge understanding and achievement.

Each measure also has the target or achievement criteria set. This allows staff to identify if the required levels of knowledge and skills have been achieved by all learners.

04 Mapping Outcomes

Stedfast allows users to map outcomes which provides a number of benefits for developing high quality programmes:
It supports the identification of wider learning aimsIdentifies gaps in the curriculumAllows teachers and trainers to identify similar outcomes on other programmes● Aligns to other strategic goals● Maps to compliance requirements such as SMSC and Prevent Guidance

  • Who can use assessment plans?

    Assessment plans can be used by any organisation that delivers knowledge and skills programmes.
    Schools● CollegesIndependent learning providersUniversitiesGraduate training programme providers

  • How does this help with OfSTED planning?

    Assessment plans support your curriculum intent and impact planning. Organisations that are subject to inspections by OfSTED will need to work towards the Quality of Education judgement which is set out in the Education Inspection Framework. This requires education and training providers to set out their intent which is the framework of what will be delivered to learners. Using assessment plans, organisations are able to identify what will be delivered and why and then how they measure success.
    Using assessment plan reviews, organisations are able to measure the curriculum impact and action plan improvements to teaching and learning.

  • What are assessment plan reviews?

    Each assessment plan can have one or more review cycles. These are set up by the assessment plan administrator and they are normally conducted at the end of an academic cycle. Each outcome will have one or more measures that staff are allocated. They will add their findings and where necessary add actions to the programme action plan.

  • Can we demonstrate cross curriculum links?

    Each outcome can be mapped to other outcome sets and reports are available to see all of the mapping that has taken place. This is particularly helpful when mapping requirements such as SMSC – Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, PREVENT or extending maths and English.

  • Can we use Stedfast for self assessment reports?

    Organisations that need to complete self assessment reports can use assessment plans to do this. They set out the objectives and outcomes and the identify who they measure their performance. Using the assessment plan review, they allocate measures to the self assessment team who are then able to add their findings and add actions to the quality improvement plan.

  • Does this all take a lot of time?

    No. Developing an assessment plan is not time-consuming. It involves identifying what you intend to deliver (outcomes) and how you want to measure the impact (findings). Stedfast is collaborative so you can have multiple staff working on an assessment plan and programme review.

  • Can we see it before we sign up for a trial account?

    We can offer online a free online demo of Stedfast. They usually take around 30 minutes to run through the key features. We will also support you in getting started and we also provide ongoing, free support to the system administrator.
    If you would like a demo the please use the button below.