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Staff Performance Management

The Staff Performance Management module has been designed to allow education and training providers to plan and measure the performance of all of their employees.
Performance managing staff is vital to delivering high-quality programmes. Staff need to be well managed to ensure that delivery is outstanding. Staff performance management is a key requirement for inspection and compliance. More importantly, it is also important to staff as they need to understand your expectations and how they personally develop. Stedfast’s staff performance management module provides all the tools needed to manage staff fairly and effectively.

01 Professional Standards

Stedfast allows education and training providers to add professional standards which staff will work towards. These can be internal standards or accreditation body standards.
Professional standards are then aligned to job roles that are created in Stedfast. Each member of staff is allocated a job role and will then work towards the relevant professional standards. These are also aligned to the performance objectives given to the individual staff members.

02 Curriculum Activities

Line managers, HR or the system administrator can add the performance objectives that the staff members are going to work towards.
Performance objectives set out what needs to be achieved, what the success criteria are, what strategies will be used to achieve the objective and if there is a training plan.
Each objective is also aligned to one or more professional standards as well as any planned CPD activities.

03 Staff Reviews

Each staff member can be reviewed by their line manager against each of their performance objectives on a regular review cycle. The each objective is displayed with the corresponding success criteria, key strategies and training plan. Reviewers can select the progress made for the review cycle and can add comments. The reviewee is also able to add their comments.

04 Adding Goals

Once a performance objective has been completed, the reviewer is also able to add specific short term goals.

  • Who can use the staff performance module?

    The staff performance module can be used by any organisation. It is designed primarily for organisations that need to set out key performance indicators for staff and then conduct ongoing performance reviews with them.

  • How do professional standards work?

    Each job role has associated professional standards. These can either be created by the organisation or can be published by professional bodies. For example:
    Professional standards for FE teachersTeachers StandardsHeadteachers Standards Higher Education Professional Standards Professional standards are then aligned to performance objectives.
    Professional standards can also be aligned with CPD records.

  • What are performance objectives?

    These are set by line managers or HR and are the expected key performance indicators for staff. They can be transferred from one year to the next and then added to or changed. When conducted staff reviews, the reviewer and reviewer work through each performance objective and add findings and action goals.

  • How often can we review staff?

    You can review staff as often or as little as you want. Your staff review cycle is entirely up to you. Different members of staff can be reviewed at different timescales.

  • Do I need this for OfSTED?

    Absolutely. OfSTED will expect to see that you performance manage your staff. They will also want to see how you support them in their CPD and personal well being. More information can be found in the Education Inspection Framework.

  • Does this all take a lot of time?

    Not really. Adding professional standards is a matter of copying and pasting then into each job role. Adding performance objectives will require some thought but they can be automatically copied from one year to the next.

  • Can we see it before we sign up for a trial account?

    We can offer online a free online demo of Stedfast. They usually take around 30 minutes to run through the key features. We will also support you in getting started and we also provide ongoing, free support to the system administrator.
    If you would like a demo the please use the button below.