CPD Management

The CPD management module in Stedfast has been designed to allow education and training providers to manage and record staff CPD.

Being able to manage CPD is a key requirement for any education and training provider. CPD needs to be well planned and needs to support the development of staff. OfSTED and other compliance bodies will also expect to see that CPD is being delivered.

CPD is also hugely important to your staff. They want to grow and development and being able to manage this efficiently and effectively is critical. The Stedfast CPD module allows education and training providers to easily manage staff CPD.

Recording CPD

CPD can be recorded by individual staff users or by line managers.

Each CPD record has information about the activity, what professional standards it helps develop, the costs, venue and number of CPD hours. The CPD record is also aligned to organisational development areas. These are top level development areas that the organisation has identified to be developed.

Staff are also required to identify how the CPD activity will be support their professional development.

CPD Approvals

All CPD requests need to be approved by either a line manager, the HR coordinator or the Stedfast system administrator.

Once an activity has been completed, staff are required to provide feedback and provide a rating on how it supported their development.

Reports are available to track the number of CPD hours that each member of staff has completed annually.

Performance Alignment

As well as managing CPD activities, Stedfast also has a staff performance module that allows organisations to set out performance objectives and then conduct staff appraisals against the.

When creating staff performance objectives, line managers or HR coordinators are able to align planned CPD activities with the performance objectives. This ensures that staff have the necessary support and training to be able to meet the performance objective criteria.

Who can use the CPD module?

The CPD module can be used by any organisation. All organisations should have a CPD plan in place for all staff. For education and training organisations this is typically a minimum of 30 hours per year.

How does the approval process work?

Staff members can request CPD activities and the request is then sent to their line manager who can accept or reject it. CPD activities can also be added directly by the line manager or the HR coordinator.

What is CPD alignment?

CPD activities can be aligned with organisation development areas and staff performance objectives. This ensures that there is purpose to the CPD activity.

Organisational development areas are identified as being the key areas for focus for development. CPD activities can be aligned with them.

How do we monitor CPD?

There are a number of different reports available to the system administrator and HR coordinator to allow them to track CPD for all staff.

Do I need this for OfSTED?

Absolutely. You will need to demonstrate to OfSTED that staff have development plans in place which support their development and the overall delivery of high quality teaching and learning. More information can be found in the Education Inspection Framework.

Can we see it before we sign up for a trial account?

We can offer online a free online demo of Stedfast. They usually take around 30 minutes to run through the key features. We will also support you in getting started and we also provide ongoing, free support to the system administrator.

If you would like a demo the please use the button below.