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£ 100 per month
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  • Plus VAT
  • 3 Users


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  • Plus VAT
  • 10 Users


£ 400 per month
£ 200 per month
  • Plus VAT
  • Unlimited Users


  • FREE TRAIL - We offer a 14 day free trial. During this period you won't be charged and you can cancel at any time.
  • LOCK IN - There is no lock in period. If you don't like Stedfast then simply cancel your subscription. We'll miss you, but will understand
  • USER NUMBERS - We've tried to keep this simple. We know that some smaller providers will have less staff so we have offered a lower cost option for them. We want to see all staff on the system so our main package offers this at a very low rate.
  • STORAGE LIMIT - This is simple, there is no storage limit. You won't be billed for extra storage so you are safe to upload supporting documents.
  • SECURITY - All data in Stedast is stored on UK servers. We have also added a Web Application Firewall. We take security seriously so are always looking for ways to make everything as safe as possible.
  • HELP AND SUPPORT - We are here to help. Whilst we have support documents and videos, nothing beats a walkthrough from a member of our team. We are really keen to offer online walkthroughs to your system adminstrator.

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