Stedfast Modules

Stedfast is an online application designed for education and training providers. It offers modules to support curriculum planning and quality assurance.

Subscribers of Stedfast receive access to all modules.

Assessment Plans

Assessment plans are used to design and manage learning and skills programmes. They are used to plan curriculum intent and are used to measure curriculum impact. Assessment plans are also used for strategic planning and self assessment / evaluation.

year 10 history curriculum plan

Curriculum Plans

Users can easily create curriculum plans in Stedfast. Curriculum activities are aligned with outcomes. Users are able to demonstrate curriculum implementation and sequencing.

year 10 history curriculum plan

Staff Performance

Education and training providers need to be able to demonstrate to OfSTED how they manage their staff performance. Staff are measured through professional standards and outcomes.

year 10 history curriculum plan

CPD Management

This module allows users to request CPD activities which can then be approved by their line manager. Managers can track the CPD that staff are conducting each year.

Policies & Procedures

Users can easily create and manage their policies and procedures are ensure that they are up to date and are ready for inspection and compliance monitoring. Staff have view access to all documents.

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment module provides organisations with a simple tool to centralise and manage all risk assessments. These can also be aligned to policy documents.

Forms and Surveys

Organsations can easily create forms and survey templates that can be emailed to end users to completed by staff directly in Stedfast. These can be used for observation of teaching, learning and assessment, learner reviews, lesson planning, stakeholder surveys etc