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We are delighted to announce our latest updates in Stedfast. We have been working really hard on improving our curriculum planning tools as we know this is top of everyone’s agenda right now.

Curriculum Planning Templates

Users can now design their own templates for curriculum activities. They can have up to 6 fields each of the learning, practice and assessment areas.


Users can now access a resource area that allows them to upload and share documents. This is a really great new feature that makes it easy to store and manage documents.

Outcomes Mapping

This feature lets users view the outcomes coverage in assessment plans. For instance, if users have mapped apprenticeship programme outcomes to functional skills outcomes, the outcome mapping will show all of the outcomes mapped to this set.

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When creating sections in policies and procedures, users are now able to drag and drop the order of the sections.

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We have added new functionality to the Risk Assessment Module. Users are now able to add supporting documents and can add text sections before adding risk areas.

We have some new features planned for release in October which will include creating flow diagrammes when creating procedures and more CPD reporting tools.