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Staff Performance Management Updates

Staff Performance Management Updates

We are pleased to announce that we have released some new updates to both the staff performance management and CPD modules. OfSTED will inspect both of these areas and education and training providers will need to be able to demonstrate that they have robust staff performance management and CPD plans in place.

The two main areas that we have updated are Goal setting and CPD reporting.

Stedfast makes staff performance management easy. The first thing that organisations need to do is to identify professional standards for each job role. These can be internally set or taken from a professional body.

Each member of staff is then set annual objectives and KPIs. Each of these objectives will also map with their job role professional standards.

Each member of staff is then reviewed and this is recorded in Stedfast. There is no limit on the number of times that staff can be reviewed in a year. During the review, each objective is discussed and findings are recorded.

The reviewer is now able to add short term goals during the review and against each objective. This allows target setting to take place that can then be monitored by both the reviewer and reviewee.

The updates in the CPD management module have centred around the reporting capabilities. There are now new reports to show the amount of CPD being done in the organisation against development areas and what the costs are for this,

The CPD management module allows managers to set CPD or for staff to request CPD that then requires sign off.

Each CPD activity requires set information but importantly, the CPD activity also aligns with the job role professional standards and the organisation’s development areas.

The new reports allow organisations to see how much CPD each member of staff has done annually.

They can also see how much CPD has been done against the organisation’s development areas.

Education and training providers need to take staff performance and CPD very seriously. It is one of the key areas that OfSTED will inspect. However, it shouldn’t just be done for OfSTED purposes. It is vital for your staff to be clear about their own development and ultimately how staff development improves the experience of learners.

If you are serious about staff performance and CPD management for your organisation then why not book an online demo and let us show you how Stedfast can help