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Self Assessment Reports

Self Assessment Reports

Apprenticeship providers will have received notifications this week that they are expected to submit their annual self assessment reports to OfSTED by the 14th February 2020.

We thought it might be helpful to show how both the SAR and QIP can be developed and managed using Stedfast.

OfSTED Education Inspection Framework

The first thing that needs to happen is to create an assessment plan using OfSTED’s Education Inspection Framework. When creating the plan the first step is to add the grading that you will use when reviewing your provision. It is best to keep this as OfSTED’s grading – Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement and Inadequate.

The next step is to add an outcome set. In this step, we recommend using the judgement areas as the objectives and then add the detail.

The detail can be taken from the EIF judgement areas. In this example, the outcomes have been mapped to an organisational strategic plan.


Adding Measures

Adding measures is the key process in self-assessment. Measures are where users set out what should be achieved to meet the outcome and what the target or benchmark is. Outcomes can have multiple measures.

Self Assessment Plan Review

Users are now able to create the actual self-assessment review. They are able to add staff who will be involved in the SAR and QIP process.

In the review cycle area, the plan owner can allocate measures to different members of staff. Staff are then able to access the SAR through their dashboard page where they will see the number of measures they have to provide findings for. They will also see the number of QIP actions that have been allocated to them.

Allocated staff are then able to add their findings to each of the measures. They may have more than one finding for each measure. They are also able to add actions for the QIP against each of the measures. Users will also grade each of their findings and these will be aggregated for each of the judgement areas.

Quality Improvement Planning

When users add actions to findings they are added to the QIP. Users receive email notifications of impending or overdue action target dates.

The plan owner can see all of the grades for each judgement area. They can also download the SAR and QIP as PDF reports which can then be submitted to OfSTED.

Stedfast Demo

If you would like a demo of how Stedfast can be used for your Self Assessment Report and Quality Improvement Plan then please use the online booking form