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Quality of Education Inspection Findings Update

Quality of Education Inspection Findings Update

Following on from the document we produced a few weeks ago that aggregated OfSTED inspection findings for the Quality of Education judgement, we have now created an OfSTED Quality of Education Findings database to enable education and training providers to easily find and filter the information they need to support them in their OfSTED planning.

OFSTED Quality of Education

Since the introduction of OfSTED’s Education Inspection Framework in September 2019, a number of organisations have been inspected. There has been a mixture of results for education and training providers with some distinct themes emerging relating to the Quality of Education judgement. Where organisations are being graded ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’, the key area appears to be around curriculum planning the intent of what learners should know or be able to do.

Curriculum Planning

Curriculum planning is a fundamental requirement for any delivery programme, be that Early Years, Secondary, Further Education and Skills or University. A curriculum plan sets out what will be delivered and the sequencing of it. It needs to be detailed. We still keep seeing organisations curriculum plans as not just bid picture but huge picture!…..In term 1 – Elizabeth I, term 2 – History of Medicine and term 3 – GCSE Exams. That is not a curriculum!

A curriculum plan needs to be…….planned. It needs to set out the activities and what learning outcomes they will cover. This is needed to demonstrate curriculum mapping. Using Stedfast, organisations can easily develop their delivery programme curriculum plans.

Sharing Curriculum Plans

One of our key improvements in the last few weeks has been the release of the Curriculum Plans Embedding feature. We released this based on user feedback. Organisations are now able to embed simplified curriculum plans into their website or Learning Management Systems. This is really useful for learners, parents and employers to have an insight into the planned curriculum.

Online Demo

If you would like an online demo of Stedast then please go to our contact page and use the booking calendar.