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Preparing Curriculum Sequencing

Preparing Curriculum Sequencing

We think it is fair to say that most education and training providers are now aware that there is a new OfSTED Inspection Framework that will be implemented from September 2019. A lot has been written about the Quality of Education judgement and how OfSTED will expect to see that all education and training providers have robust curriculum plans in place that demonstrate curriculum intent, implementation and impact.

One area though that has still received little attentions are curriculum sequencing. In fact, if you Google “curriculum sequence” the return is really quite sparse. There are examples of curriculum sequence but actually very few articles about this.

In the Quality of Education judgement, OfSTED will look at:

the content, sequencing and progression in the subject is appropriate and secured and whether it demands enough of pupils.

OfSTED Video on curriculum sequencing

We have built a curriculum planning sequence into Stedfast.

When users create a curriculum activity they are able to set when during the programme it will be sequenced to take place.

The curriculum sequence report is designed to show chronological sequencing. There are other versions of sequencing such as skills development but having a curriculum sequenced by events is a simple way to demonstrate that this has been covered.

Using Stedfast, users can easily sequence the curriculum

Using Stedfast, users can easily sequence the curriculum

Stedfast Curriculum Planning

Stedfast is a unique curriculum planning tool that has been designed to support education and training providers with their course planning and development and curriculum planning activities. Organisations are able to identify learning outcomes or apprenticeship standards and determine how knowledge and skills will be delivered and how delivery is measured. These outcomes then form the curriculum plan and users can create activities which cover all of the teaching or training necessary.

If you would like an online demo of Stedfast then please get in touch and we will schedule this with you.