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Curriculum Intent Examples

Curriculum Intent Examples

We have noticed on our Google Analytics reports that there has been a large increase in traffic to our website from the search term “curriculum intent examples” Our simple advice to anyone searching for curriculum intent examples is that you shouldn’t be.

Curriculum intent is not a statement on a website or document. It is not what OfSTED are looking for in the new Education Inspection Framework.

To understand the requirement start with OfSTED’s definition of a curriculum

“The curriculum is a framework for setting out the aims of a programme of education, including the knowledge and skills to be gained at each stage (intent); for translating that framework over time into a structure and narrative, within an institutional context (implementation) and for evaluating what knowledge and skills learners have gained against expectations (impact/achievement).”Within this definition, education and training providers need to consider the curriculum intent as more than just a list of aims written on their website or on an overarching document.

Education and training provides then need to understand OfSTED’s definition of curriculum intent:

“a framework for setting out the aims of a programme of education, including the knowledge and understanding gained at each stage”.

The key is in the word “framework”. A framework is not a bullet point list of aims. The curriculum intent framework is:

  1. Collaborative planning and consensus about the knowledge and skills that learners need.
  2. Objectives, outcomes, and apprenticeship standards are clear and define what needs to be achieved.
  3. The curriculum endpoints are clear and measurable and staff know what learners need to know and be able to do to reach those endpoints.
  4. There is a well-defined method to measure the effectiveness of your endpoint delivery.
  5. The curriculum has been sequenced and it demonstrates how new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and towards its clearly defined endpoints.
  6. The curriculum is aligned to other organisational objectives

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We are interested because Stedfast has been designed to support education and training providers develop and manage curriculum plans. The system has been designed to develop and demonstrate their curriculum intent, implementation and impact.

Stedfast allows:

  1. Collaborative curriculum planning
  2. Users can define objectives, outcomes and what needs to be achieved.
  3. Set curriculum measurable endpoints
  4. Methods to measure the effectiveness of endpoint delivery.
  5. Curriculum sequencing.
  6. Curriculum is mapping

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