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Example GCSE Curriculum Planning with Stedfast

Stedfast can be used by any education or training provider to develop assessment and curriculum plans. It is an easy to use platform that enables teachers and trainers to work collaboratively.
OfSTED introduced the Education Inspection Framework in September 2019 and with it came a focus on the Quality of Education. When inspecting this judgement area, education and training providers will need to be able to demonstrate their curriculum intent, implementation, impact, sequencing and mapping.
In the example below, we show how easy it is to create a subject curriculum plan that covers the 3i's as well as sequencing and mapping.

Curriculum Planning Process

To create a subject curriculum plan in Stedfast, users need to begin by creating an assessment plan. Assessment plans are used to develop the curriculum intent and impact by adding the planned outcomes and how pupil development and achievement will be measured.
What does this mean?
We know that curriculum intent is "what you want learners to do and why". In any course, you will have outcomes which are the skills and knowledge you want your pupils to develop. In an assessment plan, you set out those skills and knowledge outcomes and then develop measure statements that set out how you will determine if your pupils have achieved the necessary level. Measures set out what you want them to do and why and how you will benchmark success.
Designing the curriculum implementation
Once the assessment plans are developed, teachers and trainers can then turn their attention to curriculum implementation. This is where they set out the modules or units that will be delivered. They can also sequence and map activities with the intended outcomes established in the assessment plan.
Measuring curriculum impact
Finally, using the assessment plan review cycles, teachers and trainers can add their findings against each of the measures set out in the assessment plan. They can also add actions that will be used for continuous improvement.

GCSE Example - Year 10 History

This is a very basic example of a Year 10 GCSE curriculum plan developed with Stedfast. 

If you would like to see more about Stedfast and how it can support your curriculum planning then please book an online demo.