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Curriculum Planning Process

Education and training providers need to ensure that they properly resource their curriculum planning process. The curriculum is the framework that is used to deliver high-quality programmes and ensure robust teaching and learning.
Stedfast supports education and providers in all aspects of the curriculum planning process, particularly those organisations who will be inspected by OfSTED using the Education Inspection Framework.

Curriculum planning with Stedfast


Curriculum Intent

The first step in the process is to use assessment plans to set out your curriculum intent. Users can identify the key outcomes or end points and state what will be deliverered, how it will be delivered and how successful delivery will be measured.


Curriculum Activities

In the curriculum planning module, users are then able to create a plan and select the assessment plan that will be used. The curriculum plan is used to set out the learning activities which are aligned with the assessmet plan outcomes. Users are also able to sequence their plans and view curriculum maps to ensure that all outcomes have been covered by curriculum activities.


Programme Reviews

Once delivery has taken place, staff are then able to conduct programme reviews. This is where they are able to explore their curriculum impact. In a programme review, staff are allocated the measures that were set out when the assessment plan was created and can then add their findings.


Identify Improvements

During the assessment plan review, staff are able to identify improvements and can then add these to the programme action plan.


Update Assessment Plans

The final step in the process is to then go back to the assessment plan and implement changes for the next cohort of learners.

Benefits of using Stedfast

Stedfast provides the platform that lets education and training providers identify where they are starting from and where they plan to get to.
The curriculum planning process in Stedfast helps to identify what learners need to know and be able to do and how teaching and learning will meet these requirements.
Importantly, it will show what is working well, what areas of delivery could be better and what needs to be revised to improve the overall curriculum.
Benefits to learners
● Improved learning experience● Improved effectiveness in developing knowledge and skills
Benefits to Staff
● Ability to easily plan and design the curriculum● Provides analysis of curriculum success● Provides actions to improve teaching and learning