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OfSTED Education Inspection Framework


New Inspection Framework Released

The new OfSTED Education Inspection Framework has been released and not surprisingly there is very little change from the previously published drafts that had been released for consultation.

Quality of Education

This inspection framework will see a distinctive shift from outcomes / data led inspection to a more rigorous view of what is being delivered to learners and how it benefits them – this is the new “Quality of Education” judgement

The proposed ‘quality of education’ judgement therefore brings together the essential ingredients of education: the curriculum; the teaching, and the assessment that provides the feedback loop; and the resulting outcomes. This judgement is intended to restore curriculum – largely ‘missing in action’ from inspection for more than a decade – to its proper place, as an important component of the quality of education. [Amanda Spielman]

Importance of Curriculum Planning

The new inspection framework has made it very clear how important curriculum planning is. Education and training providers will now need to set out their curriculum intent, implementation and impact.

Curriculum plans will need to be created for all programmes and need to clearly set out what learners can expect during a programme. There is also a need to schedule activities within a curriculum plan and OfSTED will expect education and training providers to justify when activities are delivered.

Curriculum plans can be created for all programmes delivered by schools, colleges and apprenticeship training providers

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