Primary School Curriculum Planning

We have been asked by a number of schools if Stedfast can be used for primary school curriculum planning. We thought it might be helpful to show how simple this can be done. In this example, we have created a Year 4 Maths curriculum.

Step 1 – Create an Assessment Plan

The first step in the process is to create the curriculum plan for Year 4 Maths.

Assessment plans are the foundation of all delivery planning. They allow organisations to add the outcomes that are to be achieved.

When setting up an assessment plan users will be able to add their own choice of plan grading.

Users can also map outcomes with other outcome sets which helps to demonstrate cross-curriculum links.

Step 2 – Define the measures

The assessment plan owner is then able to define the measures for each outcome.

Measures set out what will be delivered or tested, the type of measure that will be used and also what the expected target or benchmark is going to be to determine successful delivery.

We will look later at how to set up review cycles and add findings and actions.

Step 3 – Create the curriculum plan

Once a basic assessment plan has been completed, users are then able to set up the curriculum plan.

The first step in any curriculum plan is to align it to the assessment plan as this links the learning outcomes.

Users will have different ways to break down their curriculum plan. In this example, we have created a curriculum plan that covers delivery on a weekly basis.

Step 4 – Adding activities

1. Details

Adding activities is a 3 step process.

Users begin by adding basic information, a title, what timeframe it will be delivered in and then, whether or not the activity involves Leaning, Practice and/or assessment.

2. Outcomes

Users then select the outcomes that will be covered by the activity

3. Delivery

Users can then start to add the curriculum activity detail.

Step 5 – Check Curriculum Mapping

Users can then check the coverage of delivery by looking at the curriculum mapping report.

Step 6 – Check the scheduling

One of the new features of OfSTEDā€™s Education Inspection Framework is that under the Quality of Education judgement, schools, colleges and training providers will be expected to demonstrate their curriculum scheduling.

This can be easily demonstrated with Stedfast.


This is just a very simple and brief example if the assessment and curriculum planning tools in Stedfast. There are many more features that make up these two modules. If you would like an online demo of Stedfast then please contact us.